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NAWHC provides opportunities for vendors, suppliers and consultants that support worksite health, fitness and wellness centers and programs to gain visibility, interact with and learn about employers who sponsor such facilities.  Partners can sponsor in-person and online events, exhibit at programs, support projects, assist in developing best practice guidelines and have employer clients participate in NAWHC activities.

There are many options for organizations interested in sponsoring, exhibiting  and  interacting with NAWHC:

1. Join NAWHC as a member. This gives you access to all our resources and programs, as well as staff.  All management and clinical and colleagues are eligible for all NAWHC benefits. Cost is based on you membership category or size. 

2. Sponsor a webinar. This would not be a marketing session, but an educational program featuring your employer clients talking about why they offered a digital solution, their experiences and recommendations for others. The cost is $3000. 

3. Conduct a program in-person at a location of your choosing. This could be part of a larger program or a topic- specific program for worksite health centers. You could be the sole sponsor or join 1-2 others in supporting and presenting. There is also an exhibit booth.  Cost is based on whether you’re the sole sponsor ($4000) or not ($2000) 

4. Sponsor and present at the NAWHC Annual Forum, typically the first week in September. You and a client or just the client would be on a panel related to your service or topic area. You also get an exhibit booth to gain more visibility and prospects.  Cost for Gold level of sponsorship- $6000 

5.  Sponsor a benchmarking survey of employers with worksite centers.  The survey focus would be on your area of service or other related topic. This helps employers compare and design their benefits and provides you with market intelligence. Cost for members is $2000 / non-members is $3000. 

6. Conduct an in -person or virtual Advisory Roundtable of employers with and/or without worksite centers. This could be focused on your product to allow you to gain insight into why employers would or would not want the service and how it compares to what they currently offer. Cost is $25,000 for in-person and $10,000 for virtual session. 

7. Submit metrics and recommendations on measuring your type of service for the next edition of the NAWHC ”Guidebook for Measuring the Performance of Worksite Health Centers. “

No cost to submit materials for consideration for inclusion. 

We are glad to answer any questions about the above. Looking forward to working with you. 

To learn more about our Annual Forum or to suggest topics/speakers, contact Larry Boress, Executive Director, NAWHC,

Who Should Sponsor NAWHC? Those Who: 

  •  Design, manage and staff onsite health centers 
  •  Provide ancillary medical services to worksite health centers
  •  Provide screening and wellness programs 
  •  Offer pharmacy services or manufacture drugs and vaccines 
  •  Offer fitness services, programs and/or equipment 
  •  Provide advice to employers on health benefits and programs 
  •  Support onsite health and fitness programs and activities

Sponsorship Advantages 

  •  Ability to be an industry innovator via exposure to this growing health care marketing sector 
  •  Offers you increased networking and partnership opportunities 
  •  Provides opportunity to exchange valuable information and ideas with colleagues and prospects 
  •  Opportunity to effectively promote your products and services to a wide range of employers 
  •  Exposure to prospects via post-meeting mailing list (limited use) 

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