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Benchmarking Surveys

Market Benchmarking Surveys

NAWHC Membership Profile - Ongoing

When employers and other partners join NAWHC, each is asked to complete a survey to gather information about the firm, its interests and vendors. This information is used by NAWHC to expand its clearinghouse on the prevalence and services of onsite, near-site and shared clinics offered by employers, as well as to develop relevant programs, roundtables of employers with similar size and vendor user groups. A copy of the aggregate results of the Member Profile is available to members. 

NAWHC-Mercer 2018 Worksite Medical Clinics Survey 

The results of the 2018 NAWHC-Mercer Worksite Medical Clinics Survey found a full one-third (33%) of US employers with 5,000 or more employees offer general medical worksite clinics in 2017, up from 24% in 2012. Worksite clinics focused on occupational health are still slightly more prevalent (38%), but not growing as fast as those offering general medical services. While just 16% of organizations with 500-4,999 employees currently provide a general medical clinic, another 8% say they will add one by 2019. The full results of the survey are available for NAWHC Members in the Members section of the Resources tab on this website.

Whitepaper on Employer On-site and Near-Site Clinics - 2014

This was NAWHC's first national survey employers on their interest and use of worksite clinics. Available to members in the Resources section of this website.

Drill-Down Surveys

Each year, NAWHC drills down in various operational and service areas to help employers understand what others are doing to expand and improve their activities:

Weight Management Programs Offered Through Onsite Clinics - 2017

NAWHC conducted a study of the benefits, programs and services offered by employers through their onsite clinics. A copy is available to members. 

The Use of Chiropractors in Onsite Clinics - 2017

NAWHC conducted two surveys related to how chiropractors are perceived and used in onsite clinics: One gathered the views and experiences of employer-sponsors of clinics and one collected the views and experiences of clinic vendor partners. Results of the surveys are available to members.

Efforts to Increase Utilization, Measure Performance and Manage Population Health - 2018

In summer 2018, NAWHC is working with The Benfield Group, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, to conduct a survey looking at employer efforts to improve utilization, measure clinic performance and manage their population's chronic conditions and health. An aggregate report will be available to members.

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