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Membership Benefits

NAWHC Membership Benefits

The National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC) is a non-profit, trade association whose mission is to serve the needs of employer, union and other sponsors of onsite health centers, pharmacies, fitness and wellness. The NAWHC provides members access to the following benefits:

  • No and low cost educational webinars on planning, managing, expanding and evaluating onsite clinics, fitness centers, pharmacies and wellness centers, as well as developing trends in the provision of onsite health care services and policy developments impacting employer-sponsors
  • Regular networking opportunities to share developments, best practices and strategies among employer peers
  • Benchmarking surveys to compare and exchange information and experiences with other employer-sponsors
  • Updates on governmental policies impacting employer-sponsored facilities
  • Participation in lobbying efforts to assure information exchange with important government agencies and thought leaders on matters of importance
  • Access to directories, resources, evaluations, listings and recommendations from peers within the industry
  • NAWHC NOW! newsletter dedicated to NAWHC programs and resources related to onsite health facilities and programs
  • Member-only access to NAWHC studies, member contact information, publication archives and other valuable resources
  • Reduced fees and discounts on a variety of services from collaborative organizations and conference partners
  • Participation in member roundtable events that allow networking at all levels of employer engagement in the development and deployment of workplace health care programming
  • Access to a panel of experts and consultants who have agreed to act as resources to NAWHC
  • YouTube channel that houses past educational program recordings

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