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Onsite Health Center Movement

The National Association of Worksite Health Centers would like to offer the following articles and stories regarding the creation of various onsite clinics as well as the efforts put forth by those individuals looking to provide the best possible care for their employees through a variety of onsite health care facilities.

Employers say Measuring ROI on onsite clinics is a top concern - Employee Benefit News

Onsite health centers are favored by companies because they believe the clinics make a sizable dent in health care costs as well as increase workers’ productivity.  However, according to experts, whether or not these investments are paying off remains to be seen.  A recent study by Watson Wyatt yielded surprising results.

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Intel and Cerner Onsite Clinics 

Corporate America is going clinical.  As health care costs continue to rise, many companies are finding large savings by creating their own medical clinics for their employees.  With employers paying upwards of 36% more than they did just 5 years ago, they are betting on the long-term savings provided by their own onsite clinics staffed with nurses, physicians, physical therapists, pharmacists, and even chiropractors.

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Will Workplace Wellness Screening Improve Health?

Recent reports from the Kaiser Family Foundation state that nearly half of U.S. companies with more than 200 employees have wellness programs in place that measure a workers’ weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.  These programs aim to lower growing medical costs while also making workers happier, thus improving productivity.  Find out how well these workplace wellness screenings work.

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State Opens Seconds Health Clinic for Employees in Billings

Billings, Montana has the third-highest concentration of state workers of any metro area in the state.  It was a no-brainer to open up a second health center that offers primary care and wellness services exclusively to state workers covered by their employee health plan.  The clinic is available to some 2,000 state employees and their dependents.  Russ Hill, administrator of the state Health Care and Benefits Division hopes this second facility will be as successful as the first, whose usage has been 50 percent higher than projected.

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Employers Open Health Clinics at the Workplace

Over the past 80 years onsite clinics have evolved drastically.  Once a simple clinic offering first aid for workplace injuries, these facilities have turned into massive corporate health care hubs aimed at giving employees timely access to medical care during the work day.  Recent studies indicate that are about 1200 firms currently operating their own onsite clinics across the U.S.  According to officials, reduced absenteeism and a boost in productivity are just some of the perks.  

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The Office Now Treats Diabetes, not Headaches

The worksite health clinic has come a long way from being the place to treat the occasional minor occupational injury.  As health care costs continue to soar, employers are now opting to transform their onsite clinics into a one stop shop for all their employees’ health care needs.     

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