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Here you can find articles and stories regarding clinical research and information related to the National Association of Worksite Health Centers and its involvement in the resurgence of the worksite health center.

Onsite Health Care Facilities a Win-Win for Employers and Workers

Onsite or near-site health clinics are an increasingly popular job perk, say respondents in a NAWHC survey of 255 employers. Respondents say, overall these clinics have been a very welcome benefit among their workers.

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Worksite Clinics Relieve Health Care Headaches for Employers

With health care costs on the rise, many organizations are turning to the onsite health clinic.  According to a recent benchmarking survey from the National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC), 75% of the 255 U.S employees who were surveyed offer some form of worksite health program, and 43% of those individuals said they have an onsite or near-site clinic.  NAWHC Executive Director, Larry Boress says ”Employers are really looking at these clinics for productivity reasons, cost reasons, and just improving the overall health of their employees.”

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Employers Report Benefits from OnSite or Near-site Employee Health Clinics

Many employers claim the various health care services provided through onsite or near-site clinics has aided in lowering their overall medical expenses.  Employees enjoy the convenience of these clinics as they help cut down on time spent away from the office, decrease absenteeism, and increase productivity. 

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Modern Health Care - Increase in Employer Onsite Clinics

Plans for worksite health centers lie dormant for many years as the country struggled through a recession and health reform was uncertain.  However, recent technological advances have made the prospect increasingly affordable and appealing.  These clinics serve to not only create a culture of health and wellness, but to increase employee morale and productivity.     

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