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Become a Member of NAWHC

As an employer, union of other entity that offers worksite health services, or a vendor provider partner that supports such facilities, you are invited to be a Member of the nation’s only non-profit organization dedicated to assisting employers in establishing and obtaining greater value from their onsite health, pharmacy, fitness and wellness centers.   

NAWHC offers several categories of membership:

Health Center Sponsor: Public/private employer, union or other entity that sponsors an onsite health, near-site, mobile, telehealth, wellness or fitness center for its own employees or participates in a multi-employer clinic. Membership is also open to employers in the early stages of exploring the value of offering these services.

Non-Profit/Government Entity: Academic, research, accreditation or voluntary organization or government entity that does not provide direct medical services, but studies or is involved with onsite health facilities. Membership includes access to all-member NAWHC programs and publications.  

Provider/Sponsor Member: Organization that provides onsite or near-site medical services for its own employees AND sells its model or services to other employers or groups to service their eligible populations.

Partner Member: Vendor, supplier, consultant/broker or other entity that provides services, personnel, products or management to support onsite health and fitness facilities. Membership includes access to all member programs and publications. 

Members of business coalitions receive 50% off the listed dues level.

Membership Activities 

  • Networking opportunities and development of industry specific user groups to exchange information, experiences and knowledge about services, staffing, structures, policies, vendors, contracts and other areas of interest. 

  • Educational programs and webinars on successful strategies used by worksite health and fitness facilities

  • Benchmarking of key worksite health program offerings, policies, structures, staffing, health reform and other key topics

  • Library of onsite health resources and education

  • Advocating for key issues impacting worksite health centers

  • Research that supports improvement, measurement and management of worksite facilities and services, including the performance of vendor partners

  • Development of group purchasing of supplies and vaccines for self-managed clinics

  • Member get a free copy of the NAWHC Guidebook on Measuring the Performance of Worksite Health and Wellness Centers

    • Non -Members may purchase the Guidebook for $125.00. You can order and pay fo the document on bottom of the Membership Application, after the Membership Categories.

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