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Become a Member of NAWHC

As an employer, union of other entity that offers worksite health services, or a vendor provider partner that supports such facilities, you are invited to be a Member of the nation’s only non-profit organization dedicated to assisting employers in establishing and obtaining greater value from their onsite health, pharmacy, fitness and wellness centers.   

NAWHC offers several categories of membership:

Health Center Sponsor: A public/private employer, union or other entity that sponsors an onsite health, near-site, mobile, virtual or, wellness or fitness center for its own employees or participates in a multi-employer center. Membership is also open to employers in the early stages of exploring the value of offering these services.

Government & Non-Profit Association: A non-profit, government entity, academic, research, accreditation or membership organization. 

Provider/Sponsor Member: An organization that provides onsite, near-site, mobile or virtual medical services for its own employees AND sells its model or services to other employers to service their eligible populations.

Partner Member: A vendor, health provider. supplier, consultant/broker or other entity that provides services, personnel, products or management to support onsite health and fitness facilities.

**Membership includes access to all member programs and publications. Members of business coalitions receive 50% off the listed dues level.

Membership Activities 

  • Networking opportunities and development of industry specific user groups to exchange information, experiences and knowledge about services, staffing, structures, policies, vendors, contracts and other areas of interest. 

  • Educational programs and webinars on successful strategies used by worksite health and fitness facilities

  • Benchmarking of key worksite health program offerings, policies, structures, staffing, health reform and other key topics

  • Library of onsite health resources and education

  • Advocating for key issues impacting worksite health centers

  • Research that supports improvement, measurement and management of worksite facilities and services, including the performance of vendor partners

  • Development of group purchasing of supplies and vaccines for self-managed clinics

  • Member get a free copy of the NAWHC Guidebook on Measuring the Performance of Worksite Health and Wellness Centers

Non -Members may purchase the Guidebook for $125.00. You can order and pay for the document on bottom of the Membership Application, after the Membership Categories.


    "I am so grateful to have found NAWHC and become a member. I have learned a lot and our team has used many of the resources already. Thank you for your relentless pursuit of supporting a better way for employers to deliver healthcare to their employees!"  

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