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Currently, NAWHC invoices members for dues renewals on the month the member joined the organization. In an effort to streamline the membership process, we will invoice membership renewals 60 days prior to renewal.  A member may move their renewal date to accommodate their fiscal year or budget timing.  When you receive your invoice, let us know if you want to change the date selected for you. The bundle administrator for the group may also add/delete/change any member listed.  This can be done at any time.


The Impact of CDHPs & HSAs on Population Health & Financial Wellbeing

This event was hosted by NAWHC’s partner, the Midwest Business Group on Health. At this program, discussions from leading experts, employer case studies and the latest consultant research on:

  • Tactical approaches for successful implementation and measurement
  • Strategies for successful plan design and communications
  • CDHP impacts on health and medication compliance
  • Future directions for CDHPs, HDHPs and HSAs

Finding the Right Clinic Provider: Interviewing Keys

One of the key factors determining the success or failure of an onsite clinic is the quality, compassion and personality of the physicians and nurses providing the care. An employer-sponsor must be part of the interviewing process to ensure potential clinic providers fit into the culture of the organization, understanding the job tasks, the languages and work environment. This webinar is intended to provide key insights into finding the right people to serve your population. 

18th Annual Congress on On-Site Employee Health Clinics

NAWHC was a sponsor and exhibitor at the 18th Annual Congress on On-Site Employee Health Clinics in Scottsdale, AZ. At this program, learning what it takes to build and streamline facilities that meet innovative visions for healthcare and wellness was the focus. Learning about the benefits associated with expanding current on-site health facilities was also discussed. Furthermore, practical solutions to operate a cost-effective healthcare program while providing quality healthcare was discussed. 

Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, WI - - some sessions available via webinar
Topics included telehealth services, integrating behavioral health services, pain management programs, vendor selection, pharmacy services and best practices in fitness programs and other practical solutions to increasing the value of your centers. 


Members can get a recording, view the past NAWHC programs and obtain a summary of the 5th Annual Forum sessions on the Program Materials page of the NAWHC website, including:

  • High Blood Pressure Support and other No-Cost Tools and Programs to Maximize Workplace Health Centers and Activities
  • 5th Annual Forum: Increasing Utilization and Services at Worksite Health Centers


Measuring the Performance of Health & Wellness Centers

At its September 7th Annual Forum, NAWHC released its new Guidebook on Measuring the Performance of Health and Wellness Centers.”  The Guidebook includes definitions, strategies, metrics and case studies on measuring performance of new, mature, small and large worksite health centers. There are sections on utilization, financial, clinical and satisfaction performance sets.  The Guidebook is FREE for NAWHC members. Non-members may purchase it for $125.00.


Vendor Landscape Guide

One of the key needs/issues faced by employers is finding the right worksite onsite or near-site clinic partner to contract with to design, hire staff, manage and deliver quality and cost-effective services to their covered populations. A good vendor or provider partner can reduce costs and absenteeism, while improving employee health and productivity. To address this challenge, the National Association of Worksite Health Centers ( is partnering with KLAS Research in a project to compile an independent report on the strengths and weaknesses of worksite health vendors that you may work with or may be considering.

NAWHC invites you to confidentially participate by highlighting improvements you would like to see in the industry and to share your feedback on your worksite health vendor(s) at this link. KLAS will then follow-up to briefly discuss your experience. Each employer organization that participates in the study will receive a complimentary copy of the key findings and will have opportunity to join a NAWHC/KLAS webinar discussing the research and learnings.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact KLAS

For more information, contact



NAWHC is forming an Education and Benchmarking Committee to identify the topics for 2018 educational programs and benchmarking surveys, as well as any recommended speakers for events.

If you’re interested, please contact



Be sure to visit our redesigned website at and stay abreast of developments in worksite health and clinics by joining the NAWHC LinkedIn Group.

Thank you for your interest and involvement with NAWHC. Contact Larry Boress with any questions or suggestions.

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