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2017 Wellness Trends

December 31, 2018 10:32 AM | Deleted user

A new article looks at the wellness trends for 2017:

Social Well-being - helping employees have opportunities to feel good about themselves by giving back to the community

Expanding the definition of "total well-being" - looking a wellness beyond physical health, but at mental, emotionla, financial health

Sleep Health - examining the impact of poor or limited sleep on productivity and helping employees address their individual problem

Reducing Use of Prescription Drugs-  developing programs to identify conditions where drugs aren't needed or to help individuals talk to their physicians about drug selection and use

Mindfullness - sharing information on mono-tasking, taking intentional digital breaks, and building face-to-face social connections.

Measurement - using measure to validate welllness programs.
Do these match what you will do?

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