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Announcement of Formation of NAWHC at MBGH Conference

December 31, 2018 1:39 AM | Deleted user

MBGH Annual Conference, May 5, 2011

As we begin to address transformations and changes in our health delivery system, I wanted to briefly mention one major direction many employers are taking – establishing onsite health centers for their employees and dependents.

For the last two years, MBGH, in cooperation with the LaPenna Group, has conducted an Onsite Clinic Roundtable for employer –sponsors of worksite clinics.

During this time, we’ve conducted surveys of employers around the country who offer such services finding that there are four main drivers:

  • First, the need to increase productivity-  Our research finds when employees leave the worksite to obtain basic services and prescriptions their gone at least 3 hours and may not come back to work, whereby if the service are onsite, they’re gone perhaps 20 minutes and then back on the job
  • Second, the need to increase compliance and engagements - By having a trusted, convenient health center onsite, medication and treatment compliance increase dramatically and an onsite center can motivate and enhance completion of HRAs, conduct biometric screenings, and offer smoking and other health management services
  • Third, the need to reduce the cost of unnecessary and high cost services  - By making primary, specialty and ancillary services available at the worksite the employer lowers medical costs
  • Lastly, the need to ensure access to primary care - By having a variety of primary care professionals available at the site, often with little or no copays required, workers have easy access to address acute and preventive care needs.

In light of these factors, MBGH is announcing today the formation of a new organization, the National Association of Worksite Health Centers for employer sponsors of worksite clinics, fitness and wellness centers.

We will be inviting employers who currently have such facilities, as well as those who are interested in learning more about them, to participate as members. We will also invite those vendors and providers who make these services available to participate.

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